testimonio 8

“Zinkerz has really helped in more ways than I could have ever thought. It has helped me not only for the sat but also for math class and English class. Zinkerz has really kept me on track which has been hard for me to do with all the extracurriculars I do. With the flexible hours […]

testimonio 7

“Zinkerz has provided me with the opportunity to learn directly from phenomenal instructors while allowing for a flexible schedule. I don’t know how my studying would be going without Zinkerz.”

testimonio 6

“Thanks to Zinkerz, I’ve gained more confidence in myself and skills. Zinkerz has helped me develop new strategies that have helped me in the testing and application process. The amount of support I’ve received has been super helpful throughout this stressful process.”

testimonio 5

“Zinkerz has helped me overcome many challenges in school. Zinkerz has taught me how to never give up in what i’m trying to achieve even if there are obstacles in my way. Instead of giving up find ways to overcome those obstacles and achieve your goals.”

testimonio 4

“Zinkerz helped me strongly to prepare myself for the university entrance exam that let me into some great schools!”

testimonio 3

“The Zinkerz Team helped me immensely throughout my SAT practice by always answering my questions and explaining thoroughly each topic I struggled with.”

testimonio 2

“Zinkerz gave me the tools to achieve above my desired score on the SAT. The teachers were great and helped me throughout my whole journey on how to achieve it.”

Hello world!

“Zinkerz gave me the keys to study..  from learning how to organize my schedule and tasks to learning how to improve on my own. I also thank all the Zinkerz team for all the classes, knowledge, and unconditional help in any situation.”